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Shopping for maternity clothes doesn’t have to mean looking through racks of your usual suspects: elastic waisted faux jeans, maxi dresses and pajama pants. You’re a stylish woman and you’re allowed to keep that up, no matter how many changes your body may be going through! While your little bun is baking in the oven, treat yourself to some beautiful clothes that yes, say maternity, but have the brands you’re used to seeing and tons of style to boast!
Instead of just hitting up Target for your household essentials as well as your full wardrobe, take a look at this list to find some new favorites for your growing maternity attire that are chic, stylish and well made.
 ASOS: Affordable + Trendy
If you’re a fashion-forward pregnant woman, then you’ll want to take a glance at the offerings available at ASOS. Luckily they have price points that work with a growing family. Even if you’re saving for a crib and redecorating your office as a nursery; you’ll still have room in the budget to grab a couple trendy pieces for your maternity wardrobe here. Alongside traditional maxi dresses and loose tops you’ll find pieces like ikat bathing suits and hologram tees, just like the rest of the shop.

Shopbop: Not-So-Maternity
While they don’t specialize in maternity clothes, Shopbop.com has conviently gathered all their loose fitting tops and dresses, creating a section for expecting moms. If you’re the kind of girl who loves her Alexander Wang and simply has to wear it throughout her pregnancy, then this is the shopping destination for you! xo 

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