Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2014


Modern day style rules say…wait a second, there’s no such thing! Yea, the fashion rulebook has officially been thrown out the window in this day and age. Since the revelation of not having to wear what society dictates, casual sneakers have made a major comeback!

From off duty models to bloggers to fashion editors alike, now you’ll see them all running around from one fashion show to the next, in none other than their comfy sneaks. And the design labels have quickly caught on, putting out some of the most colorful and fun styles you can imagine.

Sneakers and sequins, sure it works! Anything goes now days, it’s kind of amazing! No more are the cool kicks only for the boys; this time around the girls are rocking the casual, too!

Classic black and white Chuck Taylors are the easiest way to wear this trend. These kicks are transitional between dressed up and casual styles. Teamed with a vintage graphic tee and your favorite denim, you’ll look like a pretty tomboy who knows her trends!

What’s your favorite way to wear this newly resurfaced trend? I’d love to hear the ideas you have for rocking your stylish kicks! Share below in the comments!

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