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Finally, your guy (or gal!) has popped the question and you’re getting ready to plan the wedding of your dreams. Whether you’re on a tight budget or the money is no object, there’s one thing that’s on every bride’s mind: finding the perfect wedding dress. From totally glam to bohemian chic, whatever your style or body type, the perfect wedding dress is out there, it’s all a matter of knowing what to look for. But before you get too caught up in the planning, take some time for yourself (this is your day, after all!) to find the perfect dress that makes you feel like a queen.

  • Know your budget and stick to it. Having a good grasp on your budget is half the battle when shopping for a wedding dress. The cost of dresses is so vast, it’s easy to get caught up and fall in love with something you absolutely cannot afford. Know and understand your financial limitations.
  • Know your body type. Are you more pear shaped and curvy or tall and super thin? Different dress styles work better with different body shapes, just like jeans and swim suits. Finding the silhouette that makes the most of your shape is the first step to finding the dress of your dreams. Maybe go a-line with a full skirt if you’re heavier on the bottom or try a simple silk sheath if you’re long and narrow. Find what works best for you.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover. Just because you don’t love it on the hanger, doesn’t mean you won’t love it when you put it on. Try on as many dresses as you want – the dress of your dreams may not look like much when it’s hanging on a rack, but may surprise you once you have it on. Same goes for colors and fabrics. Dresses take on new life once they’re on your body – so go for it and think outside the box.
  • Have a friend or family member take photos of you while you’re trying on dresses. Going back later and seeing yourself in photos will help give you the perfect image of how you look in each dress. Sometimes it can be tough to get the whole picture just by looking in the mirror.
  • Don’t worry about trends. Think about the long term look of your wedding gown – you’re going to be looking at those photos for many, many years. Sticking to something classic and timeless will mean no regrets about the style twenty years down the road.
Are you currently on the hunt for the wedding dress of your dreams? What’s your favorite place for wedding dress inspiration? xo

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