Montag, 12. Mai 2014


Women have the power to dominate in the corporate world and dressing the part is one of the perks. There’s no use in getting caught up in the pants game when there are so many beautiful skirt options available. As with most things, you just have to think outside the box. So, this season it is all about the polished and professional pencil skirt! A simple, yet sophisticated piece every woman should own; the power of a pencil skirt lies in the tailored fit that showcases our natural feminine silhouette.
  • Make sure it is tailored to your body type. This piece is built around the fact that it highlights your waist – take your pencil skirt to a local tailor to ensure a proper fit in your hips and waist every time.
  • Before purchasing, check to see that the length is appropriate for work by sitting down and checking the rise. Also note that these skirts commonly come with a slit either in the center back or near the side – be sure it’s not too revealing. There’s nothing worse than having to readjust yourself every time you stand up or sit down.
Here some ideas how to wear this piece to the office:

 In a field often monopolized by men, this corporate workday look brings an edge to your feminine presence and will make you stand out as a key player. Don’t blend into a room full of grey slacks – exercise your womanhood using this elegant garment. xo

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