Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014


Style has always been a matter of personal preference, no matter what anyone tells you. Fads have come and gone but only the truly classic staples have remained. Lately we’ve seen a lot of fuss over the new trend: wearing socks with heels. Is this really much different than someone wearing socks and sandals?

How lovely is it to mix and match multiple trends in one outfit! If you’re new to socks and heels, try pairing a closely related shade of socks to your heels so they blend together without drawing too much attention. This is an easy way to tweak your outfit without changing too much of what you’re used to.

Flirting with a little texture in a meshed lace sock can give your outfit a romantic feel. Try a cream colored sock in striped mesh with neutral or pastel shoes and a little white dress for the perfect springtime ensemble!
You decide! Are you going to stick around and play with this fun new trend or are you running for the hills in your sockless soles not ready to slide into fashion faux pas history?  Let us know below in a comment! XO
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( credit: L.R.)

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