Montag, 5. Mai 2014


Martha Ward may channel a pensioner, but her skill in mixing designer fashion with high street is very modern. "I like mixing because it makes an outfit much more interesting. I will wear an H&M blouse with a Prada skirt or Chloé pants with a River Island T-shirt," she says. "Never all one thing, head to toe." Skirts are a perennial - voluminous and shapely for day, and pencil for night - as are blouses, which are usually vintage and cream-coloured. She espouses the benefits of a lace collar or a chunky necklace, demonstrating the sprucing up effect by clipping lace discs to a blouse over her buttons. "Look at the difference. I know I look a bit like Krusty the Clown, but it can work." Also crucial is a good tailor. "I spend my life in the tailor down the road, I must go about twice a week. I bought a vintage Chanel jacket and he took the shoulders off and refitted them. Pretty impressive," she says.

Her Favourite London designers?
I am crazy for Michael Van Der Ham,  Erdem and Jonathan Saunders. But the UK has the most incredible high street too. xo

Keep styling
(credit: Ellie Pithers)

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