Montag, 10. November 2014

Honeymoon Destinations

So your big day is coming up; the ceremony is all planned, the flowers and décor are picked out and your dress is simply breathtaking. But have you put equally as much thought into the vacation post the wedding? Now is the time to focus on what could be considered as the best part of the wedding, the honeymoon. While weddings are an exciting time all on their own, the vacation that follows is meant to give you the time to relax and enjoy one another. For most, this is the vacation of a lifetime and one that is both romantic and fun. So don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your honeymoon and regardless of you budget find the designation that right is for you. Here are my favorites, happy planning! 

If you’re a sporty and active couple on the hunt for a honeymoon filled with killer beach activities, Turks and Caicos is the perfect spot. Between scuba diving, windsurfing and boating, this Caribbean adventure will leave you feeling even more in love.

How about an idyllic road trip up the coast of Maine? Sip your coffee while lounging in a picturesque Adirondack chair by the sea, while enjoying lobster rolls and crisp New England air. Romantic walks along the beach and the quaint setting will leave you lovebirds feeling totally relaxed and focused on one another.

Are you both super adventurous, looking for a trip with memories that will last a lifetime? How about making your honeymoon a trip to the wilds you won’t forget. Totally lavish and exclusive, a safari excursion in Africa offers the ultimate in luxury and adventure all wrapped into one.

Are you planning your honeymoon right now? Have any of these swayed your decision? 

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