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Date Ideas

In an ideal world, dating would come easy and spending time together with your love wouldn’t be a challenge. But the fact remains that busy schedules and demanding careers make it difficult to keep a relationship fresh. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, it can be a perfect opportunity to get creative and breathe some new life into your relationship. Schedule dates and respect that time the same way you would a meeting. Even a brief encounter can make for a sweet rendezvous. Here are some ideas to help get you started .

1. Early Breakfast – Wake up a little earlier and make breakfast together. Give yourself time to eat calmly and catch up, talking about anything other than work, bills and the kids. For a real treat, have breakfast at a favorite restaurant.

 2. Coffee Break – Schedule a mid-morning or mid-afternoon coffee break. If possible, take stroll and get a change of scenery before returning to your to-do list.

 3. Mid-week Lunch – Pick a romantic spot for the middle of the week and book yourself for a full hour to enjoy lunch with your sweetheart. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, set up a picnic at a nearby park, complete with a basket and blanket.

 4. Half-day Escape – Clear your schedule for half the day and go do something fun together; watch a movie, see a show, maybe even stay in bed. Whatever you choose, make sure you can disconnect for a few hours to really make it count.

 5. Date Night Out – Because weekdays tend to be so hectic, we tend to leave our date nights for the weekend. But making an effort to turn a weeknight into a special evening changes the pace. Keep things different and go out for a night on the town to forget your other worries for a while.

 How do you keep your relationship fresh? Got any creative date night ideas?

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