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Dark Must have pieces for Your Fall Wardrobe

By the time spring comes to an end and fall comes into picture, bright and light colors start to fade and darker, warmer and richer colors start to dominate the scene. This is especially true for beauty and fashion. As soon as fall hits, you can be sure to see more of the darker colors and less of the lighter and brighter ones. If you haven’t already and you would like to, check out these tips on how to go dark with fashion for fall.
1. Create a darker color palette for your closet – of course, going dark for fall should start with the color palette you have in your closet. Ditch those neon colored dresses and replace them with sexy, vampy and dark ones. Go for rich and earthy colors that will make your closet look and feel warm and cozy.
2. Black leggings – black leggings are one of the most versatile bottoms you can ever have in your closet. They’re wearable all year round and with almost any look you can think of. They’re comfy and they’re stylish, too, plus they’re really inexpensive (compared to jeans) even if you get the really good kind. You can wear your leggings on their own during early fall and then layer them up with leg warmers as the temps drop and the weather gets colder. They make great bottoms for oversized and chunky tops, too, as they can balance out your silhouette well. 

3. Dark floral print – floral prints are spring and summer staples but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them for fall too. To give your floral pieces a more autumn- friendly feel go for those with dominant dark colors. Dark floral prints can make you look girly and dainty just the same but they’re more fall-friendly.
4. Dark wash jeans – those blue jeans are a classic but for fall, why don’t you shake up your wardrobe and your usual casual look by switching it up and wearing dark wash jeans instead? Dark wash jeans tend to make you look slimmer, too, which is perfect if you consider your thighs as one of your problem areas. Dark wash jeans are just as versatile as regular blue jeans as well so you can wear them with everything in your closet.
5. Dark outerwear – if you’re not ready to sport dark clothes all day every day just, you can keep wearing your bright, fun and bold colors and top your outfits off with a dark outerwear like a coat or jacket instead. 

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