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Falltrend: Scarves

Scarves are one of the accessories you can’t be without once fall and winter comes. It isn’t just an accessory that adds glam to your outfit. It’s something that makes your outfit look good and does something beneficial as well which is keeping you warm. If you’re the type who likes dressing up outfits with accessories, I’m sure you’ll find scarves a great addition to your wardrobe. Check out these must have versatile scarves that you should add to your closet.
1. Silk scarf – a silk scarf is something that can add much elegance to your outfit, no matter how plain, simple and casual it is. Since most silk scarves aren’t made as long as the regular ones, they can’t go around the neck several times and warm you up as well so they’re only ideal when it’s not too cold out yet. Nonetheless, they make an amazing addition to any look, especially when you need a pop of color in it.

2. Statement scarf – a statement scarf can be anything from one in a bright and funky color to one made of exquisite fabric. Aside from keeping you warm, its main function is to spice up a plain look and make it look well put together and well-thought of. A statement scarf is perfect, especially Fringed scarf – fringed scarves can be worn with a variety of looks. It’s great for when you want to recreate a boho chic-ish kind of look or when you simply want to get in on one of fall’s trends which is fringes in general. You can also wear it for a country – inspired look or for something more contemporary.

3. For fall, when you’re wearing all dark colors together in one outfit. It will break the monotonous feel of your look and make it fun and vibrant instead.

4.Neutral colored scarf – now, if you’re looking for something that you can mix and match with everything and anything in your closet and with any look you come up with, a plain scarf in a neutral color is something you should definitely get your hands on. Getting one in neutral will assure you that the scarf will blend right in with the rest of your outfit. This is also perfect for when you want to achieve a minimalist look.

5. Animal print scarf – animal prints may be fall and winter staples but not when they’re in the form of scarves. An animal print scarf is perfect when you want to add just a little bit of sassiness to your look. It’s not too bold nor too subtle and will give your look a nice and sexy hint, too.

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