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Ways To Wear Gray

Gray is definitely not the most cheery color out there and I know some girls who don’t like wearing it because it kind of gives you a gloomy look but for fall, but gray makes a great anchor color. It’s quite neutral, just like black and white and anything that’s mixed and matched with it will surely pop. If you’re looking for something subtle and versatile to add to your closet, why not try gray? It’ll blend in beautifully with all your other fall essentials but you can also wear it on its own for an understated chic look. Check out these exciting ways to wear gray this fall.
1. Gray denim – ditch your blue jeans for something more fall-friendly like a pair of gray denims. It’s a refreshing break from your usual jeans and is a great way to incorporate gray in your outfit without doing anything really big or bold.
2. Basic gray shirt – another easy way to get some gray on your look is to sport a basic gray shirt or to use one as a layering piece for a warmer, more comfortable fall outfit. A basic gray shirt would go well with anything on top, from a sexy black leather jacket to a fun, bright coat. You can wear it with jeans, leggings, even statement skirts if you ever feel like pulling off a Carrie Bradshaw and sporting in the middle of a busy New York street.

3. Gray maxi skirt – a gray maxi skirt is your ticket to a stylish desk to dinner look. Wear it with a cute top and blazer during the day and take off the blazer just right before you leave the workplace to reveal a fresh new dinner date look. Touch up your makeup, maybe add some accessories, and you should be ready for a romantic night out with your man. 
4. Gray outerwear – need to town down a bright, summer-inspired fall outfit? Gray outerwear is always a great way to give any outfit an understated look. You can also wear gray outerwear with a neutral colored ensemble to get that effortless minimalist chic look. Try to go and get your hands on gray outerwear that has lots of texture in it to keep the piece from being dull and boring.
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