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Winter hair care

Summer may be over and that hot scorching summer sun may be out of sight right about no w but that doesn’t mean you can just let your hair be and do its thing while we’re out in the cold. Your summer hair care may have saved your hair last season but with new things in store for you and your hair this winter, you need to update it and make it fit for the season. Here are some winter hair care tips that you can incorporate into your routine.

  • DEEP CONDITION ONCE A WEEK – all that dry and warm indoor air you get from the heater and other artificial sources of heat can really dry up your locks so make sure that you do a deep conditioning treatment for your hair at least once every week, even if it’s just a home treatment. If you have the money to splurge, though, go ahead and go for a treatment at the salon. You can use that as your down time / relaxation time for the whole week as well.
  • DAILY CONDITIONER – aside from that deep conditioning treatment once a week, you should also look for a good daily intensive conditioner that will keep your hair soft and well-moisturized. You’ll want as much moisture in your hair as possible during the winter because they tend to get brittle with the cold season. Go ahead and skip shampoo but never conditioner. If your hair tends to dry out pretty quickly, you can switch from daily conditioning to every other day.
  • FIGHT STATIC – static-y hair isn’t very cute but it’s something you can’t help but deal with during winter. To make static hair go away, use a hairbrush with natural bristles as these do a better job at redistributing oil throughout your hair. You can also place a dryer sheet over your brush, natural bristles or not, to help smooth out your hair.
  • TURN ON THE HUMIDIFIER – but, doesn’t humidity cause frizzy hair? Well, yes, but if you have all that heating system giving you dry air indoors, you’ll have to fight the dryness and have some moisture in there and a humidifier is perfect for just that. The humidity will give your hair and skin just the right amount of moisture without frizzing your hair out.
  • DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR WITH HOT WATER – yes, when it’s freezing cold outside, an almost-scalding bath can feel so good and relaxing but it can dry out your skin and if it can dry out your skin, it can dry out your hair too! Instead of using hot water, use lukewarm water to wash your hair (and take a bath). If you can take it, try rinsing your hair in cold water.
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