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Ways to Cover up Grays

It happens to the best of us. Whether it’s stress, age, or simply genetics, gray hairs can sprout up at any time. But before you go running to pluck that culprit, know that there are some easier (and pain-free!) ways to get the situation under control.So  of damaging your hair and scalp, try one of these fast and easy solutions ..

4 Easy Ways to Cover up Grays
1. Use a mascara wand: If you suddenly notice these stray grays peeking out but don’t have time for a dye job, using a shade of  mascara  that’s closet to your hair color will do quite nicely. Use the wand to carefully comb through the areas that need concealing. Just remember not to run your fingers through your hair or you’ll end up with a mess on your hands.

2. Volumize: Hair that lays flat makes it easier for grays to be visible. Try adding some volume to the roots of your hair with volumizing spray, dry shampoo  or even a little baking soda. Then style as usual and finish off with a mist of hair spray to hold the look together.

3. Use a touch-up wand: Similar to mascara, these formulas and colors are designed to match your hair and conceal the strays until your next shampoo. Stash a tube in your bag for unexpected  touch -ups.

4. Try touch-up powder: Using a  touch-up powder that’s made to match your hair color will also give more volume to your tresses and make any exposed scalp area less shiny, drawing less attention to the problem area.

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