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Fall Trend: Midi Skirt Styling

A midi skirt is a top choice amongst women with gorgeous gams. But for some reason, the majority of ladies out there tend to stay away from this fashion staple. So before you completely say no to the midi skirt, know that you can rock them with the right style and attitude. (Read: it does not matter if you don’t have long model-esque legs.) These street style ways of wearing can make you look like a fashionista in no time.

Go Against the Flow

 A great thing about the midi skirt is that it covers much of your legs (although it is not an excuse not to shave your legs.) Because of this style, a street-chic way to wear the midi skirt is to pair it with a sexy, form-fitting top. A simple tank top or tee can give you a timeless look – just make sure to tuck it in! What’s great about a simple top is it gives you the freedom to go gaga with accessories. Yes, it’s another reason to shop!

While midi skirts are reminiscent of spring and summer, you can wear them during spring and winter as well. Since sporting just form-fitting tops will transform you into an icicle, make sure to wear it with a curve-hugging outerwear. Midi skirts are known for their volume, so balance your bottoms with a shapely sweater or motorcycle jacket.

Keep styling
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