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How To Wear Fringe

Fringes are something we all so easily associate with summer and this may be because of the fact that fringes are so overly abundant during summer music festivals. Just because that’s the case, though, doesn’t mean you can’t wear fringes in colder seasons like fall and winter. Fringes are definitely more of an all-year rounder, if you ask me. You can wear them on anything at any time of the year. If you’re looking for a way to add more detail and movement to your look, adding fringes is definitely the way to go. Here are our favorite ways to wear fringe beyond summer.

1. Fringe boots – fringe boots are definitely fall and winter material. They’re great for accessorizing your look and for keeping your feet warm at the same time. Fringe boots have a rather strong Western appeal to them. These are not usually the kind of boots you’d want to wear with dressy pieces but with more casual and street style pieces instead. When wearing fringe boots, make sure your pants aren’t bulky or chunky as the combo of fringed boots and baggy/bulky/chunky pants tend to blow off body proportions in a major way.

2. Fringe sweater – sweaters are always in every woman’s fall and winter wardrobe and if you want to sport a unique piece that’s both cute and comfy, a fringed sweater is perfect. Choose sweaters with fringes on areas that you want to highlight and not on areas that you want to downplay as this will just draw more attention to the spot.

3. Fringe cardigan – another cute and comfy way to wear fringes beyond summer is to wear fringed cardigans. Just throw them on top of your skirt and jeans and you’re ready to go. Try not to wear anything else with fringes, though. You wouldn’t want to end up in a hot tangled mess at the most inopportune time.

4. Fringe bag – not very excited about wearing fringed clothing? You don’t have to. Instead, what you can do is to carry a fringed bag. Fringed bags are so versatile. They look summery when worn with summer clothes but they do blend in well with fall clothing as well, especially when it’s in a warm and earthy color.

5. Fringe scarf – if you’re a fan of scarves during the fall and winter months, you might want to give fringed scarves a shot. Fringes on your scarf also help create more movement in your look. They also help create a more interesting texture for your outfit that, in return, makes your outfit look more noticeable and interesting .

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