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Gorgeous Fall Wedding Trends

Spring and summer are considered wedding seasons and while they may have already gone, getting married in fall is just as magical and romantic. I personally love a fall wedding more than a wedding during any other season. I just think fall is the perfect time to do a rustic romantic wedding, which is totally chic. If you’re getting married this fall (or next fall), check out these breathtaking fall wedding trends that you can incorporate to it. 

1. Darker, warmer, richer colors – forget about neon shades and pastels, this fall, use darker, warmer and richer colors for your wedding motif. This will give the whole wedding a cozier, more homey and more rustic feel.

2. Long sleeved dresses – it would only make sense to go for long sleeved dresses but aside from that, it’s quite the trend too. If you don’t mind being covered up a little bit more than the usual bride, going for a long sleeved dress is definitely one of the best ways to go. You can keep your bridal look sexy by keeping your dress’s silhouette so.

3. Bridal outerwear – in case you already had your dress done sans sleeve, you can still keep yourself warm by adding on an outerwear. Of course, you’ll want to choose something appropriate to go and blend in well with your whole bridal look; something elegant, classy and feminine. Capes are on trend right now so those are an option. You can also go for a fur shrug or maybe a feather bolero.

4. Fall blooming flowers – insisting that you have spring and summer flowers in your bridal bouquet is doable but it’s not practical. First off, it those flowers would cost more when they’re not in season and secondly, they’re going to seem out of place with every other fall-themed thing in your wedding. Go for fall blooming flowers instead to really give your wedding that feeling of fall.

5. Floral crowns – brides would usually opt for tiaras but for fall, why not go for a floral crown made with fall flowers? It will really tie in with the whole autumn-y look and feel of your wedding plus it’s going to give you that cool ‘queen of the woods’ look.

6. Vintage jewelry – lastly, you need to finish off your bridal look with jewelry and for fall, vintage jewelry would be really chic. This is where your ‘something old’ could come in. You could use heirloom jewelry for a truly vintage addition to your look. If you don’t have anything vintage, you can always fake it. If you have a really good eye for jewelry and all things chic, no one will know.

Would you like to get married in the autumn ?

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