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Far be it from me to be one for convention when it comes to fashion. After all, what’s the point of dressing up if you can’t break the rules now and then? Take, for example, party outfits. If the go-to is always a dress or skirt, the whole effort can truly become stale. So maybe it’s time to shake it up. If you want to wear something different to your next event, then take inspiration from these 5 pants looks for perfect party outfit alternatives.


If you want to look crisp and sophisticated, then wear your white pants for party. Because of its immaculate color, you can wear it with basically everything. Of course, if you plan on attending more formal events, make sure to wear dressier tops.

Shoes to wear with white pants: Pencil-thin pumps or strappy sandals
Best for: Gala dinners, weddings, christenings


While tuxedo pants are made for tuxedo tops, they can be dressed up for meaningful occasions as well. Pair your tuxedo pants for party with a classy top and you’ll surely look marvelous.

Best for: Formal or gala dinners
Shoes to wear with tuxedo pants: Sky-high stilettos or sexy sandals


If you literally want to pop out at the next celebration, then make sure to wear colorful pants for party. There are many vibrant shades out there, and it’s up to you to choose the shade that you love the most. Of course, be careful when pairing colorful pants with tops, as you might end up looking like a clown if you don’t choose wisely.
Best for: Casual birthday parties, garden weddings, and after-office drinks
Shoes to wear with colorful pants: Neutral-colored pumps or sandals


If you want to make a statement, then what you need are printed pants for party. These graphic trousers can breathe life into your otherwise boring top. While printed pants are best worn with plain tops, you can wear them with printed garments as well. It’s just a matter of picking prints that complement each other.
Best for: After-work dinner at a simple restaurant, casual birthday parties, and simple get together with friends
Shoes to wear with printed pants: Neutral-colored pumps, stilettos, or sandals

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