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A shirt dress is one of the most versatile pieces you can add to your closet. Personally, I consider shirt dresses to be a wardrobe must-have all year round just because they’re great on their own but they’re perfect for creating layers as well. Here are some of the ways to wear a shirt dress.
PLAIN AND SIMPLE – Sometimes, a crisp white shirt dress is really all you need to get on with a lazy day and still look polished. Plain shirt dresses are perfect if you want to achieve that chic minimalistic look without it being too boring. If it’s long enough, you can keep it as it is and wear it on its own and add some accessories like a belt or a hat to it but if your shirt dress is rather short, you can pair it up with a pair of plain leggings or maybe even a pair of shorts.

WITH PRINTS AND PATTERNS – If minimalism isn’t your thing, though, and you want a little bit more detail in your shirt dress, how about going for a piece that has fun and cute prints and patterns all over? Stripes are always the safest choice when it comes to prints and patterns but you can always turn it up and have more fun with mixed prints or something a little more artistic like an abstract design, perhaps.

COOL AND CASUAL – Want a more relaxed and laidback way to wear your shirt dress? Chambray can give you that easy look without having you look or feel too lounge-y. Choose a lighter chambray ‘wash’ for summer and a darker one in the winter. You can also add accessories to a chambray shirt dress if the look ends up being too plain and simple for you.

LAYERED UP – Creating layers is one of the easiest ways to add depth and dimension to your look and if you think a shirt dress on its own is too plain for you, you build layers to spruce it up. Wear tights or leggings underneath or throw on a posh coat or jacket on top – it depends on the kind of look that you’re going for.

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