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How To Wear Ankle Booties

Ankle boots are the best way to wear boots in the summer but they’re even better to wear during fall. If you’re not into high cut boots – thigh high and knee high ones – ankle boots are definitely for you. They keep your feet warm and dry without restraining movement in your legs unlike most high cut boots. How do you give them that fall-friendly look, though, you ask? Here are some ideas on what to wear with ankle boots in fall.
MINI SKIRT– a mini skirt in fall? Yes, you read that right and no, we haven’t gone crazy. A mini skirt looks really cute and sexy with ankle boots but they can leave you feeling a little cold in fall so pair the combo up with a cozy sweater or a cute jacket for a comfy and stylish outfit during the earlier days of fall. When the temps drop even lower, you can wear tights underneath so that your legs don’t freeze off while you’re out in the cold. The combination of ankle boots and a mini skirt is sure to make your legs look longer so if you’re petite, this one should be on your ‘must-wear’ list.
CROPPED PANTS – got really nice ankle boots? Well, they’re not gonna make a statement unless you showcase them in your outfit and if wearing a skirt is not an option for you, you can opt for cropped pants instead. Choose for a pair that’s about one to two inches, tops, cut above your boots. Any higher and your outfit might turn into a hot mess.
JOGGER PANTS – another big trend for fall this year is the jogger pant. If you’re going for the athleisure look, the combination of jogger pants and ankle boots is the one for you. Ankle pants will take away some of the athletic vibe of your jogger pants and give it more of a street style chic look. Depending on what look you want to achieve, you can wear anything from a simple tee to a sweater or a really dressy top.

SHIFT DRESS – need a basic foundation to layer your outfit on? If you’re looking for something more girly and posh, you can try starting off your outfit with the combination of a shift dress and ankle boots. Depending on how warm and how complex you want your outfit to be, you can go ahead and pile on the layers. This combo is fool proof and guaranteed chic, even a newbie at layering can pull it off.

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