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With spring officially here and spring weather just around the corner (let’s hope!), I’m sure you already have most of your floral printed pieces out and ready to be worn. Florals have always been a staple print for spring. They’re cute, they’re pretty and they’re great for giving any look a more feminine touch. If you’re excited for winter weather to end like I am, check out these awesome ways to wear floral prints for spring.
FLORAL WITH A TROPICAL VIBE – Can’t wait to hit the beach? While waiting for that trip to sun, sand and sea paradise, why not wear your excitement with a floral printed outfit that features tropical flowers? This is a great alternative to your usual florals and it’s a perfect way to have a little bit of a summery vibe to your spring look (you know, best of both worlds).

TOP TO BOTTOM FLORALS – Go all out and let the world know how excite you are for spring by rocking a floral look from top to bottom. There are two ways to pull off this look. The first one would be to mix and match two (or more, if you’re feeling bolder and more adventurous) different floral print designs and the second one is to stick to one floral design from top to bottom as in a dress or a matching set.

PASTEL FLORALS – Florals never fail to exude a feminine vibe but if you want to get a more girly, dainty look out of them, you can wear your florals in pastel colors for a softer look. This is a great way to wear florals if you want to look ultra girly and feminine for the day and you don’t mind looking a little too sweet.

MIXED AND MATCHED – Lastly, if you’re looking for a fun, bold way to wear your floral prints for spring, why not spice things up and mix and match your florals with other prints? Have fun and play around a little bit with the combos to see what you like best together. If you’re looking for safe go-to pairings, you can wear your florals with the basics like stripes, polka dots or even plaid.

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