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Trendguide: Mix Metallics Into Your Outfit

Metallic pieces used to be worn only during nighttime events (and 80s themed ones) but today they’re everywhere – from the runway to the streets to the malls and everywhere else fashionistas would be spotted. Metallics have made it to the top list of trend to try this summer and it’s not to late to give this one a go. Now, some women think that wearing metallic pieces during the day and for your everyday ordinary looks is a bit too much but the truth is, with the right pieces and a little bit of tweaking and styling, you can wear metallic pieces anytime, anywhere. Here are some tips on how to wear metallic pieces.
1. Try a metallic suit– it may seem a bit much for some and it may not be totally office-friendly but a metallic suit is a great outfit to reach for it you want to make a statement or if you’re looking for a head-turning alternative to a gorgeous dress that you can wear to parties. Make sure your suit has just the right metallic sheen to it so that’s it’s not too overly empowering and make sure not to wear any more metallic pieces or carry metallic accessories as you’re already wearing metallics from head to toe, basically.

2. Strut your stuff in a metallic bikini– want to stand out at the beach without wearing too many statement pieces? That’s easy. Simply choose to wear a metallic swimsuit / bikini instead of a regular one. The metallic sheen will reflect just the right amount of light to capture other people’s attention without totally blinding them. Metallic bikinis are great when you want something that’s unique and will draw attention to that sexy beach body you’ve been working on for so long.

3. Pair it with neutrals– if you want to down play the ‘flashiness’ of metallics, one really great way to do so and keep your outfit looking classy is to wear it with neutrals. This combination is like a fresh twist on the minimalistic look. It’s simple, subtle and classy all at the same time.

5. Accessorize with metallics– if you’re not sure you can pull off actually wearing metallic clothes but would still like to get a bit of that nice sheen in on your look, you can accessorize with metallics instead. Metallic shoes, belts, purses and bangles are just some of the most stylish ways to accessorize a plain and simple outfit.

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