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To do list: Spring Cleaning

The snow may still be falling in some areas, but believe it or not, spring isn’t too far off. In just a few short weeks, the birds will be chirping and that spring sun will start peeking out – getting you exited and ready for a little clearing of the clutter. Over the course of the year, we tend to collect things, the extra stuff piles up and suddenly we find ourselves ready to give the whole house a deep clean. The traditional “spring clean” is an institution in many households, feels great and is an incredible way to kick off summer. If you’re already thinking about what to toss and what to keep, how about also figuring out some ways to make a little cash off your spring cleaning? Ready to hit the ground running with this? Here are a few ideas.

1. Host a garage sale. If this is your year to truly unload some baggage, a garage sale is a great way to get the job done while also making a little extra cash on the side. If you find you have loads of electronics, DVDs, books and videos lying around, the garage sale is the perfect spot to offload this type of stuff. Just remember: don’t overprice your items. People are there to find a deal.
2. Consign your clothes. You may be thinking to yourself: “no one wants to buy my old clothes,” but believe it or not, when it comes to fashion, consignment is a big business. You may not be able to retire off the return, but it will put a few extra bucks in your pocket….perfect for cashing in on that bikini you’ve been eyeing for summer.
3. Got collectables or vintage pieces? There’s a big market out there for both vintage and collectable pieces – from both antique shops to eBay. If you’ve got some moderately valued items, eBay is a great place to get started, while more big ticket items might have a place with an auction house or high-end antique dealer.
4. Consign or sell furniture pieces and other household items. When it comes to vintage and antique furniture and other household items (like dishes and barware), there’s a big market out there. Local antique and consignment shops will work with you to get the best price, but there are also sites like Chairish – for buying and selling vintage home items. Don’t want to try your luck there? Or are your items more contemporary? List them for sale on Craigslist.
5. Donate your items for a tax deduction. While a tax deduction might not feel the same as actual cash in your pocket, for many people – this really does have a high value. Determine what your deduction could be versus what you can make by selling the items. Sometimes a big donation is the best way to go.
Have you ever thought about making a little money off your spring cleaning? Do you think you’ll put some of these tips to the test?
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