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Is there anything more classic than a great pair of jeans? I feel like I could add a blazer and wear that as a uniform anywhere. Jeans go well with just about anything and work for weekends, date nights, and even the office if you know how to style them. But, as always, if you’re going for a certain look, you’ll want to wear the right shoes to go with them. Deciding on the right pair is actually rather easy  as long as you know what vibe you’re looking for. To help you get started, here are some tips to help narrow down your choices for jeans & shoes combos to rock season after season.
BLACK PUMPS – Going for the classic ‘model off duty’ look? A pair of black pumps is sure to look great with any pair of jeans you’re planning to wear – be it skinny ones, bootleg, straight cut or even cropped. Not sure what shoes would look great with that outfit you’re wearing? Black pumps can surely do the trick for you, too.

NUDE HEELS – If you don’t have very long legs and you want to pull off cropped jeans, a pair of nude heels can help you achieve the illusion of longer legs to make it work. Make sure your nude heels match or at least come close to your skin tone to maximize the elongating effect. You can also wear nude heels with jeans that have a rather short hemline.

PRINTED PUMPS – If you’re going for as simpler look and you want your shoes to be the main focus of your outfit, go for printed pumps. These will look fab with basic jeans and a simple top because they will really stand out.

FLIP FLOPS AND FLAT SANDALS – Jeans and flip flops or flat sandals make the perfect combo for an easy summer outfit. Flip flops and flat sandals with jeans are great for when you want to pop by the beach for a walk, for a quick trip to the mall or for running everyday errands.

SNEAKERS – Whether you’re going for a slightly sporty look or a tomboy-ish kind of vibe, a pair of sneakers is definitely your best bet. With regular jeans, your sneakers can lend your outfit just the right hint of that sporty vibe but with full on ripped and distressed pants, you can achieve a really cool tomboy look and ....

BOOTS – You can’t go wrong with a boots-and-jeans combo. Ankle boots are great for summer while taller boots are perfect to pair up with your jeans in winter. Going for that ‘Ride or Die chick’ look? Pair up your jeans with a beat up pair of moto boots. You can also wear cowboy boots with your jeans to get that country princess look. xo

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