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With spring just a few more days away, I’m pretty sure a lot of you ladies out there are already searching up the new trends for the coming season to make sure that your closet is filled with pieces that are guaranteed to give you only the most fabulous looks. Before you get into that, though, you need to make sure your wardrobe is ready to transition from winter to spring first. If you’re already planning on transitioning early, check out these tips on how to start getting ready for a spring wardrobe.
START STASHING AWAY THE HEAVY PIECES – the earlier days of spring are going to be cold but not as cold as winter which means you’ll be needing thick, heavy and chunky pieces in your wardrobe. Get rid of most of the heavy pieces in your closet and keep only those that you’ve recently worn, preferably the really versatile ones that will let you last a few couple more cold winter weeks.
SLOWLY GET RID OF YOUR WINTER ACCESSORIES – once spring comes, you won’t be needing those gloves anymore and that chunky knit scarf isn’t going to be as useful either. And those snow boots? Soon, they’ll be nothing but ‘too warm’ for your spring-giddy legs. Slowly get rid of the winter accessories that have taken over your closet to make way for the new spring accessories you’re about to load it up with.
KEEP CORE ESSENTIALS – don’t be too quick to discard of everything in your winter wardrobe, though. There are pieces that can be worn all year round and these are called the core essentials or the ‘basics’. These will stay in your closet for as long as they’re wearable so make sure you’re well-stocked up on these. Core essentials include jeans, plain shirts and special occasion dresses among other things.

TAKE IT AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO PURGE – how often do you really go through your stuff to see which ones are still good, which ones are still usable and which ones aren’t? Not as often as you should, I bet. If you think you have too many clothes in your closet (and you probably do), take this transition from winter to spring as an opportunity to do a closet purge. Really take the time to take everything out and toss them into keep, toss and donate bins.
LAYER USING SPRING ESSENTIALS – now is the perfect time to start re-introducing your spring staples to your closet and using them with many of your looks. How do you pull off wearing spring wear in winter, you ask? It’s easy! Just use them to create layers in your outfit.
START WEARING MORE COLORS – the usual winter wardrobe is filled with dark, dull and muted colors and one great way to get your wardrobe ready for spring is to start adding more colorful pieces and start wearing more fun prints.

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