Samstag, 7. März 2015

Springtrend: Ways to Rock Stripes

Many people find stripes intimidating and, as a result, tend to avoid this pattern most of the time. It is believed that stripes can make you look wider and therefore a little heavier, too. But the truth is that stripes can actually be flattering on your figure when worn the right way. There are a few things to consider when wearing stripes and these include the size/thickness of your stripes, where you wear them and what you wear them with. If you love the look of stripes but are afraid of having them make you look bigger, check out these seriously stylish ways to wear stripes that will help you overcome that fear.
SUIT UP – If you love the look of street style outfits involving a suit but think that it’s too mature and grown up for you, try wearing a striped suit. This will give you the same sharp and sophisticated look but with a more fun and youthful twist.

DOUBLE VISION – Confused about what kinds of stripes to wear? Generally, you should wear horizontal stripes in areas that you want to look wider and vertical stripes in areas that need elongating. But if you think you need both kinds of stripes in different areas, go ahead and just mix and match, and wear the kind of stripes each specific area needs. The result will be a fun look that’s both flattering and chic.

ANIMAL STRIPES – Who says you have to stick with the traditional striped lines when you choose to wear this pattern? If you’re looking for something more interesting with just the right hint of sexy in it, why not try wearing animal stripes? Tiger and zebra stripes are among the most popular in this category but you’re more than welcome to wear other styles, too.

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