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Jean shopping has never been too fun for me. The waist is too large, the ankles are too tight, or the fabric simply isn’t stretchy enough! Always such nightmares to try on a million different pairs and sometimes walk away without any. Over the years I’ve perfected a way to jean shopping without getting stressed out. The following tips have really helped me overcome my jean shopping experiences and I hope that they help you too!
Try on as many different brands and pairs as possible. Go to the stores that have a lot of different brands, grab a bunch of different pairs in your size, and try everything. Come prepared to spend some time shopping; you want to get this right – don’t rush it. Don’t look at the brand name, just focus on finding the perfect fit.

Try different sizes. Measurement differences can be very subtle and vary according to the different types of denim and washes used by the brands. If you think you’re size 28, also give size 27 and 29 a try. Also trying on three pairs of the same size can be helpful, as there’s probably a little bit of a difference between each of the pants. One of the size 28s may fit better then another – you never know!

Always think about comfort. Sure you want trendy jeans, but what you don’t want is a pair jeans that will make you want to change out of them the minute you get home into something more comfortable. A great pair of jeans should not only look awesome but also be as comfortable as your favorite pair of sweatpants. Look for stretch and the softness of the denim – are these pants comfortable to wear?

Be sure to buy the right style for your body type. As a general rule, boot cut (a slightly wider cut from the knee down) is universally the most flattering style. The boot cut balances out your hips and makes your legs look longer and leaner. And then there are fitted jeans a.k.a. skinny jeans – you don’t need to be really skinny to wear these, especially if you team them with a long top or sweater.
Don’t get stressed out next time you have to go jean shopping; take these tips and apply them so that you can find the right fit and size for what you’re looking for. Good luck and let me know how these tips help you! xo

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