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Investing in key pieces to build a wardrobe can be scary because you’re dishing out a lot of your hard earned cash. Fear not! This is a list of items that you should be investing in that have the potential to last you a lifetime!
A good coat is a great investment, since winter is long and it’s key to the impression make. If you can’t afford an expensive coat, you can find great trendy coats in the chain stores at very reasonable prices. Then try to personalize them by changing the buttons, so you don’t meet other people wearing the same exact coat.
Fabulous shoes can make any outfit look fantastic. Shoes can last years since generally when you become an adult your feet stop growing. Also be sure to care for these and have them resoled or polished when needed by a professional

Accessories should either be very cheap very expensive don’t waste money on the middle ground. A note about buying gold jewelry: gold holds value and has proven to been a steady commodity. It’s worth the investing.

The classic little black dress is worth spending money on since it will work for any season – all you have to do is update with some accessories. Find one in a classic fit and if need be, have it tailored to fit your body just right.

A good blow dry, manicure, and pedicure are absolutely priceless. They will give you the confidence to carry on any style. Additionally they will make all of your looks, casual or dressed up, like they’re on the same playing field because your grooming is on par.

A pair of Spanx are essential under tightfitting dresses, giving you a flat stomach without the work out. Girls who have a naturally curvy body shape should most definitely invest in this piece!
Try to plan your outfit the night before if you’re busy workingwoman to avoid the last-minute panic and possible fashion disasters when you’re in a hurry in the morning. While this doesn’t require a monetary investment, it does require a small bit of your time. Your morning self will surely thank you!
Now you have the essentials laid out before you about what’s worth splurging on. Start saving and investing in key pieces for your wardrobe to get a life long closet full of items you truly love and will actually wear!
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