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As an avid vintage-lover, at times I find it challenging to confidently wear fashions from past decades and ushering them into the modern era. Some of my favorite fashion trends can be found in the Vogue archives of the 1930s and 40s. Maybe it’s the elegance of a perfectly draped day dress, or the chicness of a cloche hat.
Still, it’s always fun to bring back these styles in fresh and new ways—breathing new life to fashion history. Seriously, has anyone seen The Notebook? Rachel McAdams singlehandedly proved that the sometimes drab cuts and colors of 40s fashions don’t actually have to be boring by today’s standards. Here tip that I found helpful in incorporating vintage into my wardrobe.

Though the 1920s might be deemed the most popular vintage era as of now, there is a lot to be appreciated about the 1930s and 40s. While some women may feel drab in a head-to-toe 30s or 40s look. There are ways to spin your vintage inspired clothing so that you’ll always feel and look fresh and fashionable.
  1. Always mix vintage pieces with modern ones.
The most important part of appearing like you just stepped out of a 30s catalog or a theme party is to mix in pieces from you everyday wardrobe. Instead of pairing a 40s inspired dress with laced and heeled oxfords, why not opt for a sleek pair of strappy stilettos for an unexpected twist. Or, say you have a soft spot for cloche hats but don’t want to overdo it. Pair the hat with a simple side braid and a sophisticated all-black ensemble for an intriguing yet sweet look.

You could be wearing something as simple as a blouse and denim shorts, but throw in glossy retro hair waves and a red lip and you just might be mistaken for a woman from the past. There is something so nostalgic and iconic about soft yet perfectly shaped waves that truly speak to the fashion of that time.

As mentioned before, fluttering butterfly sleeves were a signature of the 1930s, along with wrapped necklines and matching belts with dresses. Next time you’re shopping, keep these little details in mind and you’ll start to see them pop up in the clothing store’s racks. These new styles will likely be reinventions of their original forms, but you can definitely get that 1930s and 40s feel from inspired clothing. It doesn’t always have to be true vintage, but just has to be vintage inspired with a bit of a twist to keep things fresh.
These are just a few ideas that’ll help you master the art of wearing vintage. Overall, the key is to mix in modern trends to your wardrobe, which will keep even a decades old garment feeling fun and new.
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