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There’s no doubt about it. Life is hectic – and the calendar only seems to get fuller with each passing day. Between work, school, kids and just general responsibilities, squeezing in time for volunteering can be a real challenge. Even when we have the best intentions, volunteer projects always seem to be pushed to the back burner, but we know in our hearts, working on projects that help others is an important part of giving back. Despite busy schedules and being pressed for time, making room for volunteer work feels great. Take a look at these ways to volunteer – and get started as soon as you can! 

Get your kids involved. There’s nothing more important than teaching our children about giving back to the community, and believe it or not – they can be a great help. Turning volunteer work into a fun project is easy when you get kids involved, especially when they get the chance to help other kids. Try simple projects like having your kids organize a school supply drive or help gather up their slightly used toys for donations. An outdoor clean-up at a beach or park is another excellent way to involve children as volunteers – keeping the projects simple and accessible is a great solution.
Have a soft spot in your heart for military families? Volunteering  for a family whose loved one has been deployed can go a long way in helping them feel supported. Some military families can use nothing more than a good friend. Moving around regularly means making new friends everywhere they go – and a listening ear may be just what they need. If you’re feeling like you can do a bit more – offer to make an easy meal one night a week and drop off a lasagna or even just a batch of brownies. You’d be surprised how a little love goes a long way for families who are having a tough time.
Spend time with seniors.  Not exactly sure how you spend your volunteer hours? Working with seniors is a truly fulfilling way to spend your time and can be as simple as helping an elderly neighbor with yard work or a project around the house. If projects aren’t really your thing offer to play a round of cards or take your neighbor to do his or her groceries. Just spending time together can mean the world to someone who’s feeling a little lonely.
Help a furry friend in need. Have a love for animals, but just can’t have a pet of your own? Get in your puppy and kitty time by volunteering at a local animal shelter. Spending even just an hour a week giving some love to some pets in need will make you and Fido feel loved and special. Offer to take dogs for a walk or play fetch outside the shelter – these animals will love you unconditionally for even just a few minutes of one-on-one attention. Got a little more time to offer? Consider becoming a foster owner for a pet who needs a home.
Try a quick seasonal clothing drive. Each season when you switch over your clothes, sort through the items that are no longer your faves or just don’t fit quite right anymore. Do the same with shoes, bags and even office-appropriate looks. Make a big pile perfect for donating directly to a local family or drop it off at your local clothing donation station. It’s a simple act, but one that goes a long way.
How do you find ways to volunteer with your busy schedule?
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