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Workout Apps

Whatever did we do before smartphones? With workout apps to help you track your fitness goals, nutritional plans and even compete with your friends, it’s easier than ever to stay on track. But with so many awesome workout apps out there, how do you know which ones are the best and which ones fit the bill for what you’re actually trying to accomplish? Whether you’re simply trying to get motivated, lose weight or even squeeze in 10,000 walking steps each day – there’s a fitness app out there just for you. Here’s a look at the best workout apps on the market today!

Fitocracy – using gaming technology, this app helps motivate by creating a little healthy competition out of your fitness goals – sort of like a social network for tracking fitness. –Free
Gain Fitness – this workout app is perfect for creating personalized workouts you can use at the gym, at home or even if you’re on the road. –Free
Endomondo – this app lets you track your workouts, challenge your friends and analyze your training. It’s social and motivating. –Free up to $4.99 for the upgraded version.
JetFit Workout – want to keep track of all your moves and reps at the gym? This app is perfect for weightlifters looking to track their workouts. –Free to $4.99 for upgrades.
Runtastic Six Pack Abs – Yep! This one is that specific. Targeted at helping you feel the burn in those abs, this app is loaded with moves to help you achieve that six pack of your dreams. –Free to $4.99 for upgrades.
FitStar – this is a lot like having a personal trainer inside your phone. It designs personalized workouts based on how you’re progressing with each move and your fitness goals. –Free to $49 per year for an upgraded version.
My Fitness Pal – if counting calories alongside tracking your workouts is more your thing, this app will help keep you  motivated by tracking it all. -Free
Map My Fitness – Do most of your workouts take place outside? Want to track your mileage and calories? This app uses GPS to track and log your outdoor workouts. –Free to $5.99 monthly membership for add on’s.
Cyclemeter –  for cycling, mountain biking, running, and more. This app is complete with maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans and more. -$4.99
ARGUS – Pedometer, Calorie, Nutrition, Activity Tracker by Azumio – this one kind of does it all  and is a great alternative to spending hundreds on a FitBit or pedometer.  –Free
How about you? Got any favorite workout apps to share? xo

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