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Sport: Later In Life

Did you know that there’s research  out there proving that when you take up exercise later in life, you are three times more likely to stay healthy than those in your same age bracket who are inactive? That’s a pretty incredible statistic, don’t you think? And, one that should certainly inspire many of you to dig out the old sneakers and get moving. But what if you still have no desire to hit the gym and stare at the numbers on a treadmill? Perhaps it’s time to take up a new sport. From racquetball to golf, there are so many great sports to take up later in life that are fun, social and get the muscles working and the heart pumping. 

Tennis – This is a great sport to take up with a friend or significant other as practicing together can be a total blast. Tennis is one of the best sports to learn later in life with a tennis coach, in a local league or simply on your own. Burning between 500 & 700 calories an hour, this is a great option for getting healthy.
Swimming – There’s a whole host of options when it comes to swimming, from the local YMCA to the beach outside your front door; swimming is a great, go-at-your-own pace sport. This is a fantastic option for anyone who loves the peace and quiet of the early morning (a great time for lap swimming) or if you’re interested in joining a weeknight swimming league. It doesn’t hurt to know that you will burning around 500 calories an hour.
Rowing Crew – Excellent for someone who loves a team sport, but also wants to focus on individual fitness goals, joining a summer crew team is a fun and challenging option. Depending on your style, there are lots of options for competitive rowing and you’ll probably meet some new friends, too. You could even burn around 900 calories an hour, depending how hard you push it.
Golf – Now this one can be a bit more intimidating for anyone who has never picked up a club, but here’s the best part: there are tons of lessons out there! Take a few golf lessons and join a beginner golf league and you’ll be hitting the green like an old pro in no time. You’ll have a blast while you’re at it. If you carry that golf bag and walk the course, you can burn a solid 500 calories golfing.

Have you picked up a new sport recently? How has it working out?
Keep sporting
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