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f first impressions are everything, there’s definitely something to be said about the amount of time and effort women put into creating the perfect first date ensemble. To save yourself the time spent staring into your closet, take a cue from the following outfit inspirations to make your first date one for the record books.

Maybe your date has an exciting night of dancing, drinks, and socializing in mind. With this type of evening ahead, feel free to have a little fun with your outfit. Pair a demure crop top with a pleather A-line skirt for an alluring yet edgy look. Make sure to take a bag with a shoulder strap so that your hands are free for dancing and the possibility of hand holding, of course. This outfit is sure to grab attention, so be confident in wearing more neutral makeup (like nude/rosy lipstick), in order to let the rest of your look shine.

You’re an adventure-seeker and your date seems to be, too? If you’re pretty sure that the night could lead to laps around a go-kart track or at the end of a bowling lane. This outfit is for you. Having a casual first date doesn’t mean you should’t put your best foot forward. Of course, comfort is key, otherwise you’ll be worried about your outfit rather than focusing on the activity. A bold striped shirt is always a great go-to and, let’s be honest, guys always love a girl in a great pair of fitted jeans. Add a swipe of enticing deep red lipstick and he won’t be able to help but fall under your spell!

There’s something so serene about the glow of candles, but throw in the potential of romance and it becomes all the better. If your first date happens to be a romantic dinner for two, consider dressing in a bold color that will truly stand out against the all-flattering candlelight. With such a bold hue, nude or neutral accessories will add the perfect accents. Swipe on a shade of baby pink gloss and you’re almost guaranteed a kiss by the end of the night. xo

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