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The blogosphere may be overrun with 20-something year olds, discovering their sense of style and sharing their view on the world, but there’s a bigger picture to the online world that deserves a closer look. The over 40 crowd has a brilliant selection of fashion bloggers who not only cover their personal style but include life anecdotes about their families that are totally relatable to women all ages. Take a look at this list of fashion bloggers over 40 you should be following:

Not dressed as Lamb

This British beauty isn’t afraid of color by any means and she certainly doesn’t look her age. Catherine is a fun loving girl who never fails to look beautiful and confident in everything she wears. If you’re a bit trendy and like to take risks, take inspiration from this one, gals!
Une Femme 

I love a blog where you can get lost looking through old posts – Une Femme is exactly that blog. She offers excellent advice on how to pack when traveling (which she does quite a bit), and shows off her elegant, minimalistic style. Her musings on “French chic” are simply darling. Don’t forget to read through the comments from her readers, there’s a lot of engagement there!

Who are your favorite fashion bloggers over 40?

Keep styling
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