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65+ Fashion Tips

OK, so you’ve had your 65th birthday party, you’re finally enjoying that sweet discount at the movies and you’re finding out that retirement IS all its cracked up to be. First of all – way to go! Congrats on earning some time to enjoy your family and see the world. Just because you’ve found retirement doesn’t mean it’s time to let your youth (or your style) fly out the window. If you’re forcing yourself to go all boring and drapey with your style just because you think you have to – stop right now. It’s time to assess your closet and remind yourself that times have changed – just because you’re in your 60’s doesn’t mean your clothes have to be. Take a look at these tips for the best 65+ fashion out there – and rock it, lady! You earned it. 

Keep it simple. Monochromatic looks (like choosing one simple color – navy, black, red, green) will keep you looking slim and classic. Remember – not boring, just classic. Accent this look with a statement necklace or a bold bag. Just because you’re in your 60’s doesn’t mean you have to skip the denim. 

Of course you can wear jeans – and you’ll look great! Go for jeans with classic lines like trouser or boot cut style. These will give you a slimming, longer look. Skip the super low-rise, but no need for ultra-high rise either. Something right in the middle that sits just below the natural waist is ideal. No need to skip out on bold colors either – try pairing outfits with the color of your eyes, that’s a great first step to adding some vibrancy into your look. 

If you have fair skin, keep the tones more mellow and if you have darker skin, try bright jewel tones. Keep accessories minimal, but bold. Rather than donning your entire jewelry box, pick one or two items like a chunky necklace or bracelet. Don’t be afraid to invest in some trendy statement accessories – when your outfit is simple, a touch of trendiness is ideal. 

Include these key staples into your wardrobe: a classic knee-length leather skirt, a white blouse, tailored black pants and some gorgeous simple heels. Pair your jeans with plain t’s and soft blazers in a variety of colors and styles.

Are you over 65 ? Got any Fashion tips to share ?

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