Montag, 30. Juni 2014

Beach Bag Essentials

Summer is all about warm weather, sunshine, and making time to play outdoors. If you’re hitting the beach this summer, here’s a list of absolute essentials to pack. Living in sunny South Florida, I like to keep a bag stocked and ready to go. The key is to protect your skin and hair, stay hydrated and just relax. xo

Beach Bag – Choose a stylish bag to carry it all in

Sunscreen – First and foremost, protect your skin

Towel – Lie back on a stylish beach towel

Lip Balm – Pack one with some color

Straw Hat – Keep the sun out of your face while making a statement in a wide-brimmed sun hat 

Hair Ties, Brush & Conditioner – Protect your hair from water and sun damage 

Water – Stay hydrated, ladies. It’s the secret to beautiful skin and soft lips 

Entertainment – Pack some headphones and load up your favorite playlist

Sunglasses – Protect the delicate skin around your eyes with a pair of oversized sunglasses 

Sandals – Choose a comfortable pair 

Keep styling
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